Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Blog Starts!!!

3 July 2010
When I accepted the placement offered to me by Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO), there was a flood of questions and concerns directed towards me. They were coming from my family members, friends and relatives and also other people who came to know that I shall be living in a remote location in a country like Ghana which is an underdeveloped country with unknown culture on an another continent. I tried to answer many of those questions and tried to give explanations about the concerns raised, but what I realised that it will be the best thing to share the experiences instead of discussing them on the basis of assumptions and speculations.
So here I am sharing my experience through my blog shared with you. It is meant for keeping everybody updated about what I am doing, what do I feel about it and what is the experience. Please do keep in mind while reading this blog, that it is not for proving anything!