Sunday, 18 July 2010

Experiencing People

16-17 July 2010
Yesterday on 16th I went to Bolgatanga for the sector meeting which basically involved meeting of volunteers working in Secured Livelihood goal area and in the Upper East Region. This meeting like majority of the meetings did not result into any great decision or anything. But some of the things related to work, problems at the placement and the goal area were discussed and it proved useful to some extent.
One man came near me when I was walking from my office at Bongo towards the circle where one catches bus for Bolgatanga. He told me his name and started asking me whether I want some lady to clean my house. The previous volunteer living at my place had recruited one. He told that he was a teacher. He looked very ragged and certainly did not look like a teacher. I told him that I can do the job myself and I did not want his help. This is true because I have a lot of free time as they work five days a week, I don't have to commute to the place and I don't mind doing that job. But the first thought was to just get rid of that person as he had came offering some unwanted help without any reference.
While I was waiting for bus or some shared taxi at the circle, I asked one guy near me about the timings of the bus and had some small discussion on the scene around us. When bus arrived, there were not many people around, but they all started to stand in a queue to enter into the bus. The conductor lady gave ticket to everybody. Very disciplined for a rural area like Bongo! This guy offered me a place in queue before him. I accepted his gesture. He sat besides me in the bus. He asked my name and then he wanted my address and number etc. I was not sure about whether I should give him or not. I did not give it though he kept on asking me about it and where could he meet me. I told him to meet me at the district assembly office. Poor lad knew it will be difficult for him to catch me there. I had to maintain that because I did not know whether I could trust him or not.
I spent the next day reading Ghana travel guides and deciding on places which can be visited during the period I am going to be here. In the morning, two boys came to the house and told me that they could clean the weeds near the house. I looked out side. All the neighbours had clean yards. I thought why not to get it cleared. I told them to proceed. Besides, it was good to have somebody around the house. They finished the job and started to look at me. I gave them one cedi note. They took it happily. I asked them about the school and their teacher and what will they do with the money. One of the boys told me that they will buy some soap for the house. They added further that they could plant some flowers around the house if I wanted it. Really smart boys! I thanked them and they ran away laughing out loud. Surely they were not going to buy the soap.
While I was giving the note to the boys, my neighbours' small boy was watching it. He came to the house and knocked on the door. I saw him standing with his eyes closed and palms spread as if begging. The way, he was behaving, was just sickening . The same boy had came the day before when his mother had sent him to tell me that the water supply had started and I could fetch the water. I had liked his round eyes filled with innocence then. I told him to go home but he came again. I told him that I can only give him a biscuit. He looked happy and then went away with it. I heard his mother scolding him afterwards.