Saturday, 7 August 2010

Bongo Rocks

7 August 2010
We climbed Bongo Rock last Saturday. It is one of the two hillocks in the Bongo village. As the name suggests it is full of rocks and various formations of it. We were four people in all. Two kids who were tending goats nearby joined us during the climb. The climb was easy. The hillock must be approximately 100 m high. We enjoyed the climb and getting down as well.
The hillock is considered as holy by the local Christians especially Catholics and they make annual pilgrimage to the hill. There are 16 stages along the path that goes to summit and they stop at each stage and pray. At each stage they have erected a cross. This is very similar to many of the Hindu holy places in India where one climbs the hill by praying God on the way and one reaches to the summit where there is some temple or shrine.
It is a small hillock after all and they are very scarce in this area of flat terrain. Something is always better than nothing.
rocky landscape
A wild but edible fruit, no it is not litchi
Baobab on Rocks
Unusual rock formation
Crosses to mark the stages
The hillock called Bongo Rock
Don't believe him, he has not reached the summit.
Yes he is on the summit now.
The group