Friday, 27 August 2010

A Busy Day

12 August 2010
Today I got two opportunities in one day.
First was related to the work. When my colleague asked for a help for photographing various district assembly constructions for a report, I could have said no because it was something which was not at all related to my job. But I said yes because I was getting the opportunity of getting to see entire district within one day. We started late and finished late. Agriculture in the district is poorly developed, there is little green cover on the land. There is severe problem of soil erosion. Road network in the district is poorly developed. I can say these things very confidently now because I have seen them with my eyes.
The second opportunity was for a task I had not done before alone and that was cooking something for a group of people. The group of people was not those of Indians so I was not sure whether they will like what ever I would cook for them. Actually it was Damien who had invited us for dinner. I suggested him that I would cook something Indian at that time, to which he had agreed. I prepared Pachadi, a Maharashtrian salad dish, to which I had to give some local twists as per the availability of ingredients. I consulted my wife before making it so half the credit of this successful preparation goes to her. Damien, a volunteer from UK had prepared rice and stew with vegetables and goat meat. His style of preparation was western and there was one distinctness in his cooking which I observed and which is different from Indian. We Indians use spices a lot and they sometimes suppress the original taste of the other ingredients. End result was good as everybody liked the food which was prepared.