Sunday, 12 September 2010

Glimpses of Bongo

Traditional housing for keeping birds.

Inside a typcial rural house compound

The flowers are beautiful but this is an obnoxious parasite plant called Striga which grows on Sorghum crop.
Under The Baobab Tree

Guineafowl eggs stored in earthern pot on the Dawadawa seeds can be kept for long period. Indigenous Technical Knowhow.

Traditional storage system for grains.

Home scale processing of Shea butter, a type of vegetable cooking oil.

Writing on the wall says, "If god says yes, who can say no. Who knows tomorrow." I think it says all about the area and its people where I am living.

It is my house. It is pink in colour.

View from my house two months back, now the crops have grown very tall.

Intricately woven grass hats, a local craft.

No there is not weed between rows of millet, it is the crop of Bambara beans.

If you look closely, the woman is carrying a baby on her back while riding a motorbike behind this giant truck. It is common.