Monday, 21 March 2011

Moving On

20 March 2011
Today is the day when my actual stay here is mostly over by 75%. It is also the day, where I realize that many of the fellow VSO volunteers in the country with whom I have become friends, would be gone home in the coming one and half months. I shall be following them in approximately 3 months from today.
The period of three months is short for a long term volunteer placement but equals to a short term volunteer placement. I am very much looking forward to the remaining period which I am going to spend here. There are many things in terms of work to be completed, some more capacities of myself to be developed, some more places around to be visited and some events to be experienced. It is the time to move on. I am also very much looking forward to the start of life back in India. Finding a suitable job, a small tour with the family and spending quality time with them is my high priority agenda after going back.
It was very tough for me to taking the decision to go for volunteering and actually come here in Ghana. It was a great challenge for me getting through the hurdles of getting passport, leaving the country for the first time and going through the experience of living in a remote corner of a country. More than whatever it can add to my career, I think that it is the social skills, new friends and a highly broadened outlook that has changed me and I am sure after going back to India, I shall not be the same person again.