Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Blog Ends!

05 July 2011
This is the last post of my blog. It is to tell the readers (and especially the regular readers) that it has come to an end, my stay in Ghana and so is this blog. It was an year with many new eye opening experiences and friendships spanning different corners of the world. It was not an easy journey but once I crossed the Indian Ocean, I found that it was not so difficult as well. It was just crossing that mattered.
I thank all the readers who buzzed me with their questions and also showered me with their appreciation. It kept me motivated to keep on writing. I thank Google for providing the free space for my blog. I thank all of my family members and especially my wife who were a great support when I decided to go away from them for one complete year. And special thanks to VSO and the friendly people of Ghana for making this whole journey of one year a great experience.
Bye Bye Ghana Blog!
It is time to move on (may be to next blog)!